General Home Inspection (Buyer Inspection)

This is the most common home inspection.  This is a thorough inspection of the entire home and its major components.  The inspection report will include a detailed report with pictures of the various systems and major components of your home.  The report will provide suggestions for improvements, a summary of items for which repairs or replacement are necessary, as well as recommended maintenance items.  Our goal is to leave you with a thorough understanding of the condition of your home so that you are comfortable and confident in your buying decision.  In the end you will have the information to make an informed decision and the best choice for you and your family.

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Pre- Listing Inspection (seller inspection)

This inspection is performed prior to putting your home on the real estate market.  The popularity of this type of inspection has grown in the last few years for several reasons.  Having a pre-listing inspection report available for your potential buyers shows that you have exercised your due diligence.  You also have the advantage of being able to identify any issues before the buyer’s inspector does.  Once you are aware of any issues you can choose whether to make appropriate repairs or disclose to buyers.  This often leads to less negotiations for repairs and can alleviate any delays in the transaction resulting in a smoother experience for both parties involved.

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New construction inspection

So you have decided to have your dream home designed and built for you and your family.  It is important to remember just because something is new does not mean it is perfect.  It is common to find issues with new home construction that may have been overlooked or where simply an innocent mistake.  Allow us to inspect your new home while it is being built or before you move in while there is still time to address any issues or concerns.  It is always better to have these items identified now while they can still be taken care of then down the road when they may lead to a bigger issue.

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11 month warranty inspection (Builders Warranty)

Most newly constructed homes come with a one year warranty that covers the workmanship and components of your home.  Homeowners are advised to have a professional inspection performed prior to the end of that one year warranty.  By doing so we can identify any issues that need to be addressed or repaired prior to the expiration of the warranty.

Monster- Free Inspection

Purchasing a new home and moving is stressful for the whole family.  We sometimes forget it can also be a scary and stressful time for the children in the family.  That’s why we offer a “Certified Monster-Free Certificate’.  We will inspect under the beds, the closets, the attic, and even underneath the stairs to make sure there arent any monsters hiding in your new home.  Let us know when scheduling your inspection and we will bring a personalized certificate for your child or children.  There is no charge for this additional inspection it is just another way we are happy to serve you and your family and make the home buying process as easy and stress-free as possible.